Established in 2016, the Tallahassee Bar & Hospitality Association is a group of thirty bars with a single goal: 
to ensure a responsible, innovative, world class nightlife experience in Tallahassee.




-Bars have to prepare for altercations before they occur, and have a well trained security staff in the event that they do.  A close relationship with the Tallahassee Police Department’s detail team, as a well security staff can ensure that your business stays open and safe for customers and staff.

Reducing Underage Drinking

- The association is opposed to underage drinking and we actively work with members to ensure proper ID checking. We have made good progress in the past three years working with local prevention community and FSU resources to prevent the serving of underage patrons.

Creating an Equal Playing Field

-Bars and restaurants should have a uniform last call and closing time. That's why we succesfully lobbied for the change to a 4 AM standardized closing time.

Modernizing Tallahassee's Alcohol Ordinances

- Changes in alcohol law in other cities across this state have seen their entertainment industries thrive under modern outlooks. Other cities such as Panama City Beach have killed their industries by careless over-regulation. Many cities are taking a closer look at some of these issues: last call changes, open container laws, and removing restrictions around where alcohol establishments can open and operate.

Increasing Entertainment Tourism Marketing

-Nightlife in Tallahassee is a very seasonal industry with January and November being the highest yielding months of the year.  Tallahassee has done a good job of internally promoting entertainment corridors such as Gaines Street, Midtown and CollegeTown. 


However, Tallahassee has not been promoted as a year-round  entertainment destination in the region. Bringing in tourism revenue from the surrounding markets will help the market be less volatile to the school semester, football season and legislative session.







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